The Vtiger Consultant Company

VGS Global was founded in 2011 to help small and medium businesses automate their business and support processes, saving time, money and generating useful information with flexible and straightforward software solutions.

Throughout our seven years, we have made hundreds of developments, published modules and extensions and actively contributed to the vtiger code. If you are using Vtiger CRM, you are already using code developed by VGS

With the goal to be the #1 Vtiger Consultant provider. We offer consulting, customization and integration Services to medium size enterprises

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VGS Global was founded and run by Conrado Maggi and Jeremias Maggi. We’ve started VGS in 2011 and have been growing organically ever since.

Conrado Maggi – Founder and Lead Developer

Industrial Engineer by profession.

After working six years in a multinational company where I helped suppliers to improve their operations, and seeing first hand how small and medium companies can benefit from software solutions to save time, improve productivity and gain business visibility, I decided to start with VGS Global

As the founder of VGS Global, it is up to me to take charge of your project and my team and to lead all of us through it.