6 Tips for Hiring a Vtiger Developer

  Everybody wants them on their teams. “Developers.” The person who will create the software your company needs, the people who can take your startup or business to the next level. They can produce what you are thinking and make it in a record time. It is often hard to know what to look for

Vtiger Webforms: How to enabled captcha and prevent SPAM

One interesting feature of Vtiger CRM is the possibility to create simple web forms that, after adding those to your website,  the form responses will create new records in your CRM. If you hate spam as much as we do, you have notice that if you embed one of this forms on your website a lot

3 ways to distribute leads in Vtiger CRM

Over the years we have seen the customers of VGS to used one of the following lead distribution methods. Each way has its advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we will review each method and how you can accomplish this using vtiger crm! Geographic territory States and/or countries are assigned to salespeople. You are responsible

Vtiger CRM: How to set up your Outgoing Server

Every business needs to send out mails to its customer. Vtiger allows you to send mails directly from the CRM to your Contacts (Leads, Accounts etc.) to make this process streamlined. To send mails from vtiger, you first need to configure the Outgoing Server section with your SMTP details. To do this, click on the

Vtiger CRM: Creating Custom Filters

In vtiger modules, you can see the list of records with some predefined fields in each module. This comes as a default feature. Note – In this guide, we will use the Leads module as an example, but the features remain constant across other modules.   If you refer to the above image, you can

Vtiger CRM: How to Import your customer data

In CRM systems there are various modules like Leads, Contacts etc for which the data comes from outside sources. Inserting this data into the CRM manually can be a very tedious task. Vtiger offers an Import action which lets you upload bulk data into the system from CSV or VCF files. Note: For this tutorial

Vtiger CRM User Managements

Vtiger has two types of users – admin (or super users) who have access to everything and can create other users – other is standard users who have limited access and whose access rights can be decided by the admin users. There is a Manage Users section in vtiger where you can view/create/edit/delete users. You

Vtiger CRM Picklist Editor. Customize your dropdown fields

Picklist fields in vtiger are nothing but dropdown fields. They can be single select dropdowns or multi selects. Additionally vtiger allows you to restrict the picklist values by role making it very flexible. Creating a Custom Picklist Field To create a new custom picklist field, you need to go to the layout editor and create

Vtiger CRM Layout Editor. Adding and removing Fields and Blocks

The modules in Vtiger come with a default minimal set of fields. But each business is different and requires custom fields for their individual workflows. Vtiger provides you the option to create new fields/blocks and also to change the placements for the fields/blocks so that you can customize the module UI to your business needs.

Vtiger CRM Module Manager – How to import, enabled and disabled modules

Vtiger is written with extendibility in mind. The object oriented design breaks the CRM into small sections called “Modules” which are a way to segregate data. Vtiger also allows you to create new modules and/or update the existing ones easily using the “Module Manager” interface.   You can perform different actions like importing new modules,