Vtiger CRM: How to set up your Outgoing Server

Every business needs to send out mails to its customer. Vtiger allows you to send mails directly from the CRM to your Contacts (Leads, Accounts etc.) to make this process streamlined.

To send mails from vtiger, you first need to configure the Outgoing Server section with your SMTP details. To do this, click on the settings icon  on the top right and click on the CRM Settings in the menu there.


In the settings page that comes up, click on the Other Settings option on the left hand bar and then click on the Outgoing Server link.


The outgoing server page will be blank by default. Click on the Edit button on top right of the page.


On the page that loads, you can configure your SMTP details. In the screenshot below, we are including an example configuration of a gmail id. This will enable vtiger to send mails as john.doe@gmail.com


Hit save once you have entered all the details. If everything is correct, you will receive an email configured on your admin user mail id saying that the set up was successful.