Vtiger Customization: Enter Price Including Taxes

In most of the European countries, when dealing with final customers is common to talk about final prices, that is prices including taxes.

One of VGS Global customers requested us to customize inventory modules: Quotes, SalesOrder, and Invoices, so she agrees with a customer on a price does not need to do the calculation herself.

We solved this issue by adding a new button to Products Detail section

Vtiger Customization Prices

Once click the user will see a modal to enter the price including taxes

Vtiger Customization - New Modal to add price

Done! That’s all the user needs to do, no need to use a calculator.

Vtiger Customizacion - Prices with taxes - Detail View


One of the advantages of working with experience vtiger developers is that to build this vtiger customization we did not modify any vtiger at all! We create a custom module that adds the feature. The customer can rest assured they can upgrade their CRM at any time without worries ;)

Looking for this or other Vtiger CRM Customizations? Get in touch with us. We will be more than happy to help you with your vtiger needs.