Vtiger Free Modules & Extensions – The ultimate list

Vtiger Free Modules & Extensions – The ultimate list

The Vtiger community has grown exponentially over the years. There is a huge list of users/contributors along with companies using the product who keep giving back to the community. This has resulted in a number of free modules which are very useful. Tracking these modules, however, is a pain. We bring you the list of the Vtiger free modules  here

Vtiger Related Fields Generator Module

This extension from VGS Global allows you to create Vtiger related fields and related list between two existing modules.

vtiger free modules - related fields
Download linkhttps://www.vgsglobal.com/blog/vtiger-related-fields/

Vtiger: Hide Banners in Dashboard

The Vtiger Marketplace is a wonderful place to buy/sell Vtiger extensions, but it can be pretty annoying in normal user workflow as it takes up the screen space on the home page. This nifty extension from VGS allows you to hide the banners from your dashboard screen.
vtiger free modules & extensions - hide ads
Download linkhttps://www.vgsglobal.com/blog/vtiger-hide-banners-dashboard-module/


PDF Maker (free version)

If you work with Sales Orders/Invoices or other Inventory modules in Vtiger, you would have realized the need to generate PDFs to send to the clients. While Vtiger provides a default PDF layout, every business has their style of PDFs.

The free version of PDFMaker allows you to create customized Quotes, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders and Invoices but only allows for 1 template. Although still very useful and powerful, the free version is limited but does give a feel for what it possible with paid versions.
vtiger free extension - pdf maker
Download linkhttps://marketplace.vtiger.com/app/listings?id=14


VtigerCRM Tools

This Extension will integrate some basic functions, the vtigerCRM developers don’t implement in core or implement only in On Demand Version.

The latest version includes the some of the following features:

  • Rename fields/blocks in Layout Editor
  • Create default related tabs for custom modules
  • Enter numbers with comma instead of point as decimal separator (no file modifications)
  • Add custom sidebar with values from current or related records

Download link – https://shop.stefanwarnat.de/vtigercrm-tools/


Autocomplete Website fields

This handy module from VGS guesses and auto fills the website field based on the email id of the person. This can come in quite handy if you are using web forms to enter data into the CRM.
Download linkhttps://www.vgsglobal.com/blog/vtiger-module-autocomplete-website-fields/


Labels 4 You

All businesses need to change the field labels in the CRM according to their workflow. In Vtiger, these changes need to be made across language files which can be a tedious thing for normal end users. This module allows you to do the label changes from the Settings UI in Vtiger
vtiger free module - Labels4you
Download linkhttps://marketplace.vtiger.com/app/listings?id=24


We have collected all the Vtiger free modules and extensions that are free to download either in te publisher website or the marketplace. If you wish us to add your free module to the list, please drop a line and we will do so!