How to customize Vtiger Login Screen – Tutorial for VT 7

In Vtiger 7 has a brand new user interface (UI) with a lot of improvements that we have already covered this previously in another post. One of these improvements was the new vtiger login screen.

In this post, I will show you three, straightforward ways to improve your login screen, remove the annoying ads, add your logo, etc.

Eliminate the ads in Vtiger log screen

The new login screen includes a “What is new” section, right on the login screen where vtiger promote their post and news about mostly the on-demand/cloud offering.

The first thing you need to do, both to improve your user experience and also from a security point of view, is removing the ads from the login screen.

About user experience does not make sense that each user has to see an ad each time they login into the CRM.

Regarding security, those ads came directly from Vtiger servers. Why should you I care? Because if by any chance the server that published the ads is hacked, a hacker could simply add a tiny snippet of javascript and save your URL, user, and password of each of ALL vtiger community users.

To remove the ads from the login screen, please go to your server and open the file located at:


We will make the following changes: (Please make a backup, just in case)

  • Remove lines from 260 to 309.
  • In line 210 replace class=”col-log-5″ by class=”col-lg-4 col-lg-offset-4″

If you did everything correctly this should be final look:

vtiger login screen

If you would like to download the already modified file click here and uploaded into your server

Replace Vtiger logo by your company logo

The next step in our project is to change the vtiger logo with your company logo. To do so, let edit the same file again.

The first thing to do is upload your logo to vtiger server and place it in the folder


Now, around line 212 of the Login.tpl file,  you will need to replace with your logo image name

vtiger 7 TPL customization


If you did everything correctly this should be final look:

vtiger login screen logo


Update background image in Vtiger Login Screen

The last part of the tutorial is replacing the background image. You can use any image that you want unless it’s too small. Or you could replace the picture with a color, or whatever you like

To update the picture, we will edit one more time the file locate at layouts/v7/modules/Users/Login.tpl

Start by uploading your new background to the folder: layouts/v7/resources/Images

Around line 14 you will need to replace with your picture name or color. Check the following picture

vtiger css customization

If you did everything correctly this should be final look:

vtiger 7 login screen 4

As you see, with just three easy changes I end up having a professional Vtiger login screen with no ads or logos on it.

Don’t have time to do it your self? Make sure to checkout out custom development and support services. An experience vtiger developer from VGS Global’s team can handle this for you.