Free Vtiger Module – Autocomplete Website fields

In VGS site, we have connected all our website forms and our vtiger extensions store to Vtiger CRM. When we get a new enquiry, request or order, all the information is stored in the CRM without any manual entry.

The company website is a field which we use a lot but rarely ask it from our customer.It’s a critical part of our lead scoring process.

To avoid having to enter manually this information, we create a vtiger module that uses the last part of the person emails to guess and update their website field.

Website field auto-complete vtiger module

The module is simple, just enter your record information, and if you have used a corporate email the module will use that information to complete website field as shown in the following video

Module features

  • Works using from the UI
  • Works from web forms and web services
  • 100% Module manager compatible

The module is one of VGS Global contributions to vtiger community.  You can freely download and use it.

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