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Related Field Generator Free Vtiger Module

One important feature that is missing in vtiger Layout Editor is the possibility to add related fields between two existing modules. Thanks to one of VGS Global great customers. (They have decided to finance and make freely available this extension) We are releasing a new, free extension module that allows you to create Vtiger related fields and related list between two existing modules.

Vtiger Related Field Generator for Vtiger 7 (and Vtiger 6.x)

This new 100% module manager compatible module does not modify any of your current Vtiger core files. All you need to do is download the zip file and upload it using the module manager. Once installed you will see a new entry in your Vtiger settings:

VGS Vtiger Related Fields


After clicking on the module link, you will see the following screen:

VGS Vtiger Related Fields 2


To add the new field, you will need to follow this steps

  1. Select the module in which you will be adding the new field
  2. Select the block from that module where the new field adds up.
  3. The new field Label (Should be less than 50 characters)
  4. The new related module.

Finally is you want to add a new related list you should complete the final two steps:

  1. Choose Add New
  2. Set your new related list label (must be unique)

On you have completed all the field, click the Save button. If everything went OK, your new field should be created in the module.

¿How can I delete the fields?

You can delete this fields as any other custom field. Go to Fields in settings > Select the module and you will see a trash icon next to the field.

VGS Vtiger Related Fields 3


Known Issues:

  • The module does not allow to create two related fields to the same module: Many of the list related functions work on the basis that there is just one related field between the two modules, allowing you to create duplicated related fields will break those functions.

Support & License

This a free module provided AS IS without any express warranty.  For support, please contacts us

Click here to the module now!

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  1. Quisiera hacer consulta sobre su módulo “Vtiger Related Field Generator for Vtiger 6.x”. He creado un custom module, y lo he relacionado con el módulo Leads. Si entro en el módulo Leads, veo en la parte derecha el TAB correspondiente al módulo relacionado, y haciendo clic en él, puedo introducir registros relacionados con Leads. No obstante, estos registros relacionados no aparecen en la lista, aunque sí existen.

    Aquí hay una captura de pantalla: http://sargantana12.hol.es/tmp/Image1.jpg

    ¿Pueden ayudarme con este asunto?


    • Hola Fernando,

      Estamos revisando el tema y esta semana publicaremos una version actualizada del modulo que resuelve este problema.


  2. This is awesome! It’s exactly what we were looking for and couldn’t change by ourselves. And it worked very simply and quick. Thanks a lot for this :)

  3. He visto que esto ya funciona, es perfecto. He probado un custom module relacionado con Productos, y ya puedo ver los registros de mi módulo relacionados con Productos. No obtante, si intento relacionar un custom module con Eventos (Events), no aparece el tab relacionado. ¿Es algún fallo?


  4. Buenos días. Gracias por esta extensión gratuita!
    Mi necesidad es poder configurar workflows (wf) que apliquen sobre un módulo (por ejemplo Project) cuando la condición es sobre otro módulo (por ejemplo Organización), sea cual sea la acción que dispara el workflow. A tal fin relacioné Project–>Organización y Organización–>Project. Hice un primer WF donde la Organización crea el Project (así quedan relacionados por Organization). Luego otro wf desde Project que toma la condición de un campo en Organización (status) y dispara un update field en Project de un campo raw text. No obstante, cuando quiero se genera el cambio (la condición) en Organización, la acción en Project no se dispara.
    Alguna idea de lo que puede estar pasando?

    Muchas gracias!

    • Hola.

      Los workflows por defecto no permiten actualizar un modulo relacionado. Solo permiten la actualización de campos en el mismo modulo para el cual se esa ejecutando el workflow.


  5. Hi,
    this is a great integration for Vtiger.
    Just a problem:
    I’ve created a relationship between two modules (Product & Service).
    Now I want to delete this relationship and create a new one (between the same modules).
    So I deleted both the custom field, created before, and the related Tab (created with the “Add a Related List…”).
    Now, when I try to create a new relationship, an error occours:
    “Error: There is already a related list between these two modules with this name. Please change the label”.
    It’s like it doesn’t delete the first relation that I created.

    How can I solve?


    • Hello,

      If you create the field again it should work with the existing related list.

      If you wish to delete an existing related list you can check the table: vtiger_relatedlist

  6. I think that’s the problem:

    in Vtiger 6.2.0 you have no way to manage the relationships between modules, you can just decide which”Tab”, that is actually already related to a specific module, you want to view. It’s just a matter of layout.
    So, once you’ve related two modules with Related Fields Generator, you can’t go back.

    If so, is there a way to fix a wrong relationship through mysql?

    I’m not a developer.


    • Solved.

      You can delete the relationship from mysql checking these two tables:


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