SMTP Per User Vtiger Module.

Send emails from multiple email address, each with their own SMTP server!

Vtiger extension that allows you to have many email outgoing servers, one for each of your users.

Avoid sending all your emails from the admin SMTP server. It confuses the recipient, and you risk your message to land in the spam folder

See what happens when you use the same outgoing server for all the email you sent from Vtiger.

One SMTP Per User Vtiger Module - Before and after

To solve this annoying issue,  we have created  SMTP per user vtiger module.  With this module, each user can add their outgoing server information as shown below.

One SMTP Per User Vtiger Module - Users Screen

Thanks to Vtiger User SMTP Extension, each time they send an email from the CRM, will use their SMTP server and not the admin


Vtiger Multiple Email From Features

  • Unlimited number of emails for each user. She can send email from more than one address!
  • Admin can configure the email addresses for her users
  • A user can enter their address from My Preferences Screen
  • Encrypted user passwords
  • Configure each email address with their outgoing (SMTP) server
  • Each FROM address can have their own signature


The module can also be setup up from the settings page.

Vtiger One smtp for each user

From the settings page, the CRM administrator can add/remove any user SMTP settings.

vtiger multiples outgoing servers

Both your users and your customers will love getting their emails from the right address in their inboxes.

Once installed, on the compose email screen, you will see a new drop-down to choose which FROM address to use

Vtiger multiple outgoing email server Compose


Also, the admin user can add or remove addresses from Vtiger Settings page.
The extension also provides the admin with a quick way to add or remove outgoing server for their users.

What email providers have you tested it?

We have tested the extension with the following email providers

  • Gmail / Google Apps
  • Outlook 365
  • Yahoo
  • Custom Domains hosted in Cpanel
  •  Microsoft Exchange Servers connecting through SMTP

Do you have any doubt about your email provider? Please get in touch with us

Please note that the extension works with an email sent using vtiger compose screen. The extension does not work with Workflows, Reports or any other automatic email.



Pricing Information


Demo Information

Please go to our demo server

Please remember to delete your own credentials after doing your tests

Not sure how to setup the extension? Please get in touch with us


- The module does not modify your VT code
- One Year of Free Support & Updates (Use the module indefinitely but support and updates are free for the first year)
- You have the right to use it in one vtiger installation


- Works on vTiger 6.x or Vtiger 7
- Works on vtiger email compose screen, if you are using a custom module to send your emails, please get in touch. - Workflows emails will still go out using general SMTP