Vtiger Mail Manager Replacement 7

VGS Vtiger mail manager replacement is the definitive webmail client for Vtiger CRM. It will close the gap between your CRM and your email client with one fully feature webmail integration.

Managing email is a crucial task in a sales or support person’s everyday operations. Doing so within your CRM allows you to streamline your sales operations, saving time and making sure all data is saved to your vtiger system.

We have extended the impressive list of features with the following improvements:

  • Single Sign-on with Vtiger. You will only need to fill in your email information once.
  • Contact, Lead and Account email address is autocompleted in TO, CC, BCC fields.
  • Add a contact, lead or account directly from the email manager
  • Add a ticket, to do or event from the email view.
  • Received email can be attached with one-click
  • Sent emails are automatically attached to vtiger’s related account, contact or lead

The module is the definitive replacement for vTiger mail manager that closes the gap between your CRM and your email client.

Live demo

To try the module, please go to http://demovt7.vgsglobal.com we have already set up an email account so you can send and receive test emails from our server

Please consider the following test:

  • Create a contact with your own mail address
  • Send an email to this contact (The address will be autocompleted)
  • Reply from your email

Both emails will be attached to the new contact you have just created.

Please keep in mind that the database refreshes itself every two hours so your email and contact information will be deleted from the server.


One click to create a contact and attached the email


Single sign on. The easy way

More Images


Will the module work with my email provider?

We have tested the module with Gmail, Google Apps, Yahoo, Office365 and a few custom-hosted email providers. If you still have doubts, we can set up a demo for you using your email account.

Will the module work on my server?

If you have doubts about your server, please contact your hosting provider and confirm the following features are enabled php-imap, php-openssl, Port 465, 587 or 25 are open.

As a general rule, if vtiger mail manager works, then this module should work too.

Can I manage multiple addresses from one instance?

Yes. Each user can read their own email account. The module allows each user to use their own SMTP but read only one email account.

How much disk space do the emails take?

Emails are attached to vtiger records, and only this record exist in the CRM. Otherwise, the emails are not stored on your server

Does the module work exactly the same way as Mail Manager?

No. The module does not have the same features of vtiger mail manager. Please try out the demo to make sure the feature you need is there.

If you still have questions, please get in touch with us. We will be happy to help you

Pricing Information


Demo Information

Please go to our demo server

The demo database refresh every hour.

The version 6.x of the extension can be found in here: Vtiger Mail Manager - V6.x


- Module Manager compatible
- Does not modify Vtiger core files
- One Year of Free support & Updates (Use the module indefinitely but support and updates are free for the first year)
- You have the right to use it in one vtiger installation


- Works on vTiger 7.x
- Does not work on Vtiger Windows Installed versions
- Requires php_imap, open_sll
- IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please make sure your hosting allows SMTP outgoing traffic

The following hosting do not allow it: Bluehost, Godaddy, 1and1.

If in doubt, please contact your hosting before purchasing.

- Module Docs are located at: https://www.vgsglobal.com/vgs-webmail-docs/