Dynamic Blocks and Layouts for Vtiger CRM

  • Do you ever need to show specific fields only when a record matches a given condition?
  • Would save your users time to display just the fields they need to enter?
  • Would you avoid data entry errors by hiding optional fields?

If you answer yes to any of the above questions, then this is the right extension for you.

Generate dynamic forms for your Vtiger Modules

Vtiger Dynamic Blocks extension lets you hide and show blocks base in a module drop-down field. For example, you could hide blocks A, B, C when a field take XYZ value.

You can quickly set this up in the module setting page by choosing for each module picklist field, the blocks to hide.

Vtiger Dynamic Blocks - Hide / Show fields

Once configured, the module will show/hide the blocks while creating, editing or viewing the record as display below.

The module will also support mandatory fields. If a mandatory field is hidden, you can still save the record.


As you can see in the image once the user changes the lead source, the blocks automatically adjust to her selection.

Features of Vtiger Dynamics Blocks

  • Support for standard Vtiger and Custom Modules (Calendar module, Events, To Do-not supported yet)
  • Support for Mandatory Fields. If a mandatory field is hidden, the user can still save the record  – NEW! (VT7 version only)
  • Compatible with Vtiger 7.x also Vtiger 6.x
  • Support for Edit, Create, and Detail views. (Summary view not supported, yet)
  • Support to hide or show a block base on Detail View Edits (VT7 version only)

Pricing Information


Demo Information

Please go to our demo server

How to try it?
Go to the Opportunities Module. Add or edit a record and choose in the field Type the value: "Existing Business" the block "Description Details" will hide or show base on your selection


- Module Manager compatible
- Does not modify your VT code
- One Year of Free support & Updates (Use the module indefinitely but support and updates are free for the first year)


- Vtiger 6.x or Vtiger 7
- Configurable with Standard & Custom Picklist Fields
- Configuration panel to create unlimited entries
- Does not work inside Vtiger Customer Portal