Vtiger – Enhance Security Extension

Thousands of sites and websites get hacked each year because of weak passwords, lack of two factor authentication among others.

Part of your team works offsite so you need your CRM to be exposed to the internet. This makes your team life easier but also expose your company to data leaks (Hello GDPR!), ransomware attacks and bots trying to hack your CRM.

Sadly, Vtiger CRM does not include a strong password policy by default. Users to use simple password like “qwerty” and “123456” that can be guest instantly.

Protect your Vtiger CRM using strong passwords, and change them frequently. Also, using two step authentication you prevent someone from guessing your users passwords. Thanks to these two simple measures, so you can rest assure that your data is protected.

Vtiger – Enhance Security Extension allows admins to configure two important settings: a Password Policy and enabled two factor authentication for Vtiger CRM.

Enhance Security Extension Features

Vtiger administrators can configure the following password policies.

  • Password Expire Time. This policy allows you to specify for how long a password is valid before it expires.
  • Password Length. Specify the least number of characters a password should have
  • Mixed Case Policy. Force passwords to contain both lower and UPPER case characters.
  • Use Digits Policy. Force passwords to contain numeric digits.
  • Special Characters Policy. Force users to use special characters, such as!? * & etc.
  • Two-step authentication. If the user sign form a new device an email with a random code will be sent to the user email so he can confirm her identity.

How does it work?

After installing the module you will see a new link under the Settings > Other Settings > Enhance Security, click there, and you will be able to set the password policy for your CRM



Pricing Information


Demo Information

We don't provide a demo for this extension. But we do offer 14 days refund policy if the extension does not work as described


- One Year of Free support & Updates (Use the module indefinitely but support and updates are free for the first year)
- You have the right to use it in one vtiger installation


- Works on 7.x ONLY
- No special requirements. Just plug and play!