Gantt Chart Extension Module

One important feature of every project management software is managing the tasks of each project. The most common way is to use a Gantt chart, a type of bar chart that illustrates a project schedule.

This module seriously improves Vtiger’s project management capabilities by adding powerful, completely drag and drop Gantt Chart extensions to your CRM.


  • Drag and drop support to update task, projects, and milestones.
  • Select one or many projects to view their Gantt
  • Day, Week and Year view
  • Create tasks directly from the Gantt chart
  • Support for Task, Milestones, and Projects
  • Filter task and projects as you need: For example, see a chart with all the tasks assigned to X user, or that belong Y customer, etc. Endless possibilities.

If you regularly work on project basis, this a must-have extension for your CRM

VGS Gantt Charts vs. Vtiger Gantt Comparison

Vtiger 7 already includes a Gantt chart builder, these a main difference between the two

VGS Gantt Charts Default Gantt
Drag and Drop Yes Yes
Show Multiple Projects Yes No
Show Multiple Tasks Yes No
Filter Projects Yes No
Add tasks Yes No
Update Progress Yes No


The Vtiger Gantt Extention is a more powerful solution built for companies that work on projects on a daily basis.

Module Screenshots


Pricing Information



- Module Manager compatible
- Does not modify your CRM code
- 1-year Free Support & Updates (You could use the extension for as long as want, but the updates are free the first year only)
- You have the right to use it in two vtiger installations. One development instance and One production instance


- Vtiger 6.x or Vtiger 7