Vtiger Full-Text Search – Extension for VT 7

Vtiger Global Search improves and optimizes the search feature of VTiger CRM. Search by every field in a module, or choose the columns you would like to use for searching.

This Vtiger Module replaces the default search and allows you to search in any field, even custom ones. All you need to do is to specify which fields to search on. For example, You can enable search in all Email fields, but not phone numbers, etc.


Vtiger 7 Global Search


Vtiger Full-Text Search Features

Here are some of the key features:

  • Configure search fields for more efficient searches
  • Configure which columns to shown in search results.
  • Search in multiple columns per module (For example: email, phone, names, etc. Any column you need to)
  • Search results display on the page
  • Works with standard and custom modules
  • 100% Module Manager Compatible – Does not change VTiger core files

Full Text Search vs. Vtiger Search

Vtiger 7 includes a search feature already. These are the reason you need Full Text Search Extension

Full Text Search
 Vtiger Search Feature
Search in module Label Yes Yes
Search in multiple modules Yes Yes
Search in multiple columns Yes No
Choose which columns to search in Yes No
Choose columns in search results Yes No



FAQ and Notes

What happens if I do not add a module to the extension settings?
The extension will look only in the Name field if you do not specify something different.

Do I need to configure the extension for All of my Modules?
No. The extension extends the current search for the configured modules. All other modules will behave as they currently do.

Pricing Information


Demo Information

Please go to our demo server

How to try it?
Just search for any string that is present in Leads, Accounts, Contacts and Opportunities like companies, etc.

Need to test a custom module? Just add the module to Global Search by going to Settings > Other Settings > Global Search.


- Module Manager compatible
- Does not modify your Vtiger code
- One Year of Free support & Updates (Use the module indefinitely but support and updates are free for the first year)


- Vtiger Vtiger 7.x
- Custom or Standard Fields
- Custom or Standard Modules