Vtiger Masked Inputs Fields  Extension Module

A CRM system captures data for a range of system users. Even though the users capture the same type of data, they may be entering it differently from each other.

Vtiger Masked Input Fields force your users to be consistent while entering data in your CRM. Format Phone Numbers, Bank Accounts, Social Numbers, Etc.

Make sure your CRM data is consistent and well formatted, every single time.


Vtiger Masked Inputs Features

  • Automatically formats Phone Numbers, Tax Ids, SSN, Any field to a specified format
  • Works in Create View, Quick Create & Summary Views
  • Compatible with vTiger Standard & Custom Modules
  • Use unlimited formats, create your own quickly.

Vtiger Masked Inputs module

How does the module work?

After installing the module, you will see a new entry under Settings > Other Settings called VGS Masked Inputs. Once clicked you will be able to enter a new field setting by

  1. Choose the module
  2. Select the field
  3. Enter the mask or field format using
    • a – Represents an alpha character (A-Z,a-z)
    • 9 – Represents a numeric character (0-9)
    • *- Represents an alphanumeric character (A-Z,a-z,0-9)


  • Phone number (999) 999-9999
  • Phone with extension (999) 999-9999 x999
  • SSN 999-99-9999
  • Custom format CLI-999-aaaa
  • Default text TEXT-9999


Pricing Information



- 100% Open Source
- The modules does not modify your VT code
- One Year of Free support & Updates (Use the module indefinitely but support and updates are free for the first year)
- You have the right to use it in one vtiger installation


- Works on vTiger 6.x or 7.x
- No special requirements. Just plug and play!